Creative Blocks

Let's Build Your Passions.
What Are They?

Minting Station

The Creative Blocks are your all-access pass to our educational content. It's time you went pro!

Note: The Minting Process can take a few minutes.

10K Collection

The Creative Blocks is ARThentic's first major PFP NFT collection. We want to help artists enter the web3 space and actually sell their art. By owning a Creative Block, you can gain exclusive accesss to our content through our Artist Dashboard.

NFT Collection


NFT Rarity


Each of Our NFTs are generated by mixing and matching 36+ unique traits with varying rarity across six of the following categories.
Emotional Eyes
Emotional Mouths
Clothing Items


We're Here to Build Together!

Our plan is to set up a community of cresators. Here are some of the benefits you'll get as the community grows:
We want to ease artists into web3 with a soft launch that will help us better understand your needs. In this phase, we will set up the Artist Dashboard, Discord, Twitter Space, and Meetups for Central Florida!
What you'll get:
  • Access to Our Exclusive Art Community
  • An artist dashboard with information on making your art for web3
  • An exclusive art piece, collaboratively created by ARThentic artists
At this phase, we want to have a complete lexicon of every tool that would be useful to your artistic journey, both in web3 and IRL. All accessible from the Artist Dashboard!
What you'll get:
  • A variety of ¬†web3 tool for artists presented and organized on the Artist Dashboard
  • A comprehensive guide to becoming more professional in various art forms
We're ready to take this show on the road! Our meetups will expand to across the USA! We'll be able to grow our community at scale while onboarding artists into web3!
What you'll get:
  • More Meetups, Workshops, and Events!
  • Special Events hosted across America
  • Exclusive Discount Pricing for NFT Holders
Now that our community is funded, we want to help artists find work! Introducing the Creative Blocks Registry, a portal for freelance creatives.
What you'll get:
  • Creative Blocks Registry Portal built into Artist Dashboard
  • Ability to submit for paid work, found by ARThentic
At this point, we think ARThentic will be thriving and want to give even more back to the community! We will start our ARThentic contest, where the winner gets sponsored by ARThentic to make more art!
What you'll get:
  • Ability to Submit for Contest and Giveaways
  • Contestants will gain exposure through a streamed and televised production
  • All Creative Blocks holders can vote on their favorite contestant to sway the outcome
We want to build a DApp that will allow artists to collaboarte with one another without the hassles. Once we're fully funded, our product team will launch this project for all NFT holders!
What you'll get:
  • Beta Access to Our Collaborative Platform
  • Free Digital Giveaways (Airdrops)
  • Ability to make profit off secondary NFT sales

How to Join The Community

The step-by-step process to buying your membership pass.

1. Download a Digital Wallet

This is your portal into web3, controlling your logins and digital money securely. We recommend getting metamask!

Download Metamask

2. Purchase some Ethereum

While our NFT is only .01 ETH, you'll need about .02 ETH per NFT (for transaction fees) to gain full access to our community.

Read Our Full Guide

3. Mint a Creative Block

Use our minting station below, you'll be able to buy up to 6 Creative Blocks, which can be resold on secondary marketplaces!

Mint Today!

Minting Station

The Creative Blocks are your all-access pass to our educational content. It's time you went pro!

Note: The Minting Process can take a few minutes.

So... Now What?

Congratulations on buying a Creative Blocks! Here are some next steps you might be interested in!

See Your Creative Block!

We're still working out the kinks of web3, but we know you're excited to see the NFT you purchased! You can head over to the Opensea link below, where you can see our most recently minted Creative Blocks!

See Your NFT!

Take Advantage of Your Community Membership!

Our Artist Dashboard is constantly evolving to help you enter the web3 space and collaborate with your fellow artists. With the Creative Block, you have exclusive access to all of our content, now and in the future!

Please Note: There is a ONE-TIME transaction fee when opening the dashboard for the first time

Enter the Dashboard