There's a New Internet

Introducing Web3, don't worry, we'll explain.
Let's Start With NFTs

Currency that has a unique value and can’t be traded 1 for 1

Hopefully you understand NFTs now,
but how do you get one?
Learn About Buying an NFT

NFTs are Easy to Buy!

Create a crypto wallet

  • In the new internet, instead of creating a bunch of different accounts with usernames and passwords, you'll be able to login and transact using one account, called a web3 wallet
  • We'll be introducing MetaMask below, as it's the most popular offering, however the concepts should remain the same for any wallet you choose.

Connect to a Marketplace

OpenSea is known as the 'ebay' of NFTs, meaning that it has everything, if you know what you want. Other marketplaces include Rarible and Looksrare

Find an NFT You Like

We personally recommend the Creative Blocks, and not just because we made it! It comes with access to exclusive content that teaches artists how to upgrade their work.


Buying Crypto

NFTs are bought with cryptocurrency, using your digital wallet and a crypto exchange. Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken are a few options for artists in the US.

When buying an NFT with crypto, make sure you're buying the same currency that the NFT is being sold in.

Buy NFT using Cryptocurrency

Now comes the easy part! Go to the marketplace you chose in STEP 2 and find the NFT you chose in STEP 3. Now you just connect your wallet and buy the NFT.

Congratulations, if you followed along, you are now the owner of an exclusive piece of art and technology.

Now you know how to get started in the NFT space,
but what about being safe and smart?
Learn How TO Avoid Scams
/ 1
Fake Giveaways
Some scam websites promise something in exchange for connecting your social media accounts. The scammer then takes your login info for more scams.

Example: "Connect your wallet for a free Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT (worth over $200K)"
Solution: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is
/ 2
Scammers will buy credentials that look similar to a major brand to fool consumers into giving up their information.

Example: " instead of"
Solution: Double check the URL and Security(SSL) of websites that you want to transact with
/ 3
Coin Swap
Scammers will offer to buy your NFTs with a crypto currency that cost way less than the asked for currency.

Example: A scammer offers 50 Polygon for an NFT that cost 50 Ethereum
Solution: Double check the type of cryptocurrency being transacted
/ 4
Rug Pulls
Scammers are also directly setting up NFT projects, and when consumers purchase the NFTs, the founders disappear, taking the money with them
Solution: Do Your Own Research (DYOR) because ultimately information is protection
/ 5
If a scammer gets to your friend’s accounts, you could be at risk of accidentally transacting with a scammer

Example: Your friend loses their web3 credentials and the scammer messages everyone in their contacts. If your open the message contents, you could be exposing yourself to the same scam.
Solution: Trust/Verify who you're dealing with before Sending/Buying
/ 6
General Advice
Never share private keys/seed phrase or passwords with any website or person.

You are completely in control of your finances with crypto, nobody can reverse a transaction once it occurs on the blockchain.
Solution: Trust/Verify who you're dealing with before Sending/Buying