Usecases for Every Art

Our NFTs are conceptualized by hand with each of our artists. Our goal is to make NFTs that you'll actually want to use! Whether it's behind-the-scenes content or a physical painting that ships with the purchase, we want to expand the space with utility first.


Rhythm & Drill

The first NFT by musician and producer, Icee Red. Comes with a ton of exclusives, check it out!

Capital Crisis

The first NFT by Musician/Designer K'Nihl

Studio Artists

J1 Arts

J1 Arts is a Neon Artist who's selling his Neon Peacock Painting with his first NFT.

Digital Artists

The Kid Turned Out Fine

The Premire NFT in Photographer Alex Dixon's First Collection

Midnight Rave

The Middle Tier NFT from Photographer Alex Dixon's First Collection

Choose Chaos

The Base Tier NFT from Photographer Alex Dixon's First Collection

Behind MyCity

The behind the scenes pass for the tv show MyCity Mondays

The Spark

The first ever NFT by the Arthentic Crew
How To

Buy NFTs

The first step to entering the world of NFTs is to download and setup a digital wallet. We recommend metamask for the most compatibility with web3 apps.
Buying on Opensea


Connect Your Wallet

In the top right side of the webpage you can connect your wallet using the profile icon.


Pick the NFT

As the biggest NFT marketplace, opensea is a constantly changing field of NFTs sprouting up.


Fund Your Wallet

Place the amount of cryptocurrency required to purchase the NFT. This can be done on an exchange.


Sign The Transaction

A popup will appear on metamask. You'll be able to see your purchase on your opensea account and blockchain explorer.